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Rooster T. Feather’s

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Britannia Arms (Aptos)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

Thursday, August 9, 2012



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August 2012

9—Blue Lagoon

14—Britannia Arms (Aptos)


July 2012

Meadow Haven (Scotts Valley)


June 2012

Meadow Haven (Scotts Valley)


May 2012

Meadow Haven (Scotts Valley)


April 2012

1—Plan B Pub (Sunnyvale)


March 2012

6—Rooster T. Feathers (Sunnyvale)


February 2012

9—Plan B Pub (Sunnyvale)

11—America’s Got Talent


March 2011 to February 2012

Many, many performances that did not get catalogued here—OOPS!


March 2011

17—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)



January—March 2011

Blue Lagoon and Other Clubs not catalogued here (Oops!)


Dec 2010

16—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

9—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

2—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)


Nov 2010

18—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

11—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

4—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)


October 2010

28—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

21—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

14—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

12—Castagnola’s (SF)





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September 2010

1—Rooster T. Feathers (Sunnyvale)


August 2010

26—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

24—San Jose Improv (SJ)

19—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz) - HOST

12—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)

9—Club Deluxe (SF)


July 2010

29—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz) - HOST

22—Castagnola’s (SF)

9—Castagnola’s (SF)


June 2010

22—Paddy’s Coffee House (Union City)

9—Rooster T. Feathers (Sunnyvale)

3—Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)


May 2010

27—Morgan Hill Community Playhouse

26—The Gaslighter (Gilroy)

16—The Crow’s Nest (Sta Cruz)—HOST

13—Blue Lagoon (Sta Cruz) - HOST

6—Blue Lagoon (Sta Cruz) - HOST


April 2010

27—Castagnola’s (SF)

14—Pier 23 (SF)

12—Britannia Arms (SJ)

7—Planet Gemini (Monterey)

1—Blue Lagoon (Sta Cruz)


March 2010

31—Planet Gemini (Monterey)

23—Stephen’s Green


17—Planet Gemini

5—The Downtown Comedy Club


Any many more for several years prior, but this is when I got a website. :-P