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Robert Forsyth

Comedian, Actor, Master of Ceremonies

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The shyest boy in school, Robert rarely uttered a word. In fact, at 13, he slipped notes for over a month to the girl he liked before uttering his first tentative words to her. Being a wallflower gave Robert the opportunity to observe life’s quirks, truths and punches to the gut.  In his late 30s, Robert said, “Enough of this sh*t,” grew a pair, and made a 360 degree turn.  When he realized he was still in the same place, he then made a 180 degree turn and became the out-going stand-up comedian he is today.  (And he also searched the internet, found that girl he liked in Junior High, became friends with, then eventually married her.)  Dude, you rock!


An ‘everyman’ comedian, Robert began his stand up career performing in the Northern California area and training at the San Francisco Comedy College under his mentors Curtis Matthews, Joe Klocek and Rich Stimbra.  The success of Robert Forsyth’s stand up performances led to MC, Hosting, voiceover and Pitchman work, as well as small roles in independent films. Due to Robert’s popularity with local audiences, he has become a frequent performer at a number of comedy clubs in California.


Robert bases his comedy primarily on his own life experiences and observations as a father, second-time husband and “regular Joe.”  While all comedians have “blue” (racy) material, Robert’s comedy is suited for or easily adapts to family audiences.


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“Robert as a girl,” a.k.a. the “Why I’ll never get a sex change” photo.